This wiki requires photos to enable visitors to see the dolls, wigs, outfits and playsets.

Adding photos

The rules of Wikia apply.

Specific rules

  • As the site is in English the file name should also be in English.
  • The picture should be owned by the uploader and marked as such, however, we are all new to wikis at some point and transgressions are allowed.
  • If you upload a picture and it does not belong to you, the owner may request its removal - either the Admin or the uploader will remove these pictures.
  • The continous loading of pictures that do not belong to you, will result in a ban being placed on the user.

Using other persons photos

In the first few months of existence - this will be tolerated.

If a picture is needed and you find one that could be used, follow these steps:

  1. Crop the photo to remove identifying background from the photo - e.g. a  bright blue background.  This may crop the backing card and some of the picture - but then it will be known that this is a 'loan' picture.
  2. Place a glow edge around the photo e.g. in Microsoft use 'Blue, 11 point glow, Accent color 1' to place a blue edge on the photo.  This will make it easy to identify as a 'glow photo' or 'loan photo'.
  3. These 'glow photos' are required to be replaced with your personal Liv doll pictures that you allow on this wiki.
  4. The adding of photos and updating of photos is the main priority of the wiki for Mar 2015 to Aug 2015.

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