Liv and Alexis

Eye colour:


Name of dog:


Name of horse:


Activities done:

Work at Possibilities Boutique

After school activity:

Window dressing


Has 4 BFFs

202916 liv alexis la fashion

Alexis is one of the original 4 main characters in the Liv line and is one of the three main characters.

Alexis’ default coloring is brown hair, hazel eyes and medium to dark skin. She is an African American (AA) doll. In the ‘Liv in Wonderland’ and ‘Brites’ waves it is stated that her skin tone is darker. In some versions Alexis has different colored hair -  in the Twist and Dance it is brown and reverses to bright blue.

Alexis works (outside school hours) at Possibilities Boutique and has talent as a window dresser and dress designer. She helps her friends with their outfits and made the Liv In Wonderland costumes.

Alexis has a bichonfrise dog named Lacey.  Alexis has a flamingo shaped mallet – for croquet.

Alexis tends to wear rosy colors such as pink, red, brown and orange. She is a FASHIONISTA!

Alexis appears in the 'Liv in Wonderland' series as the Queen of Hearts.