The brunette with bangs and dark pink highlights wig is sold sold as one of the
Deluxe wig set - blonde and brunette

The brunette wig with pink highlights is on the left.

wigs in a deluxe two pack set.  This wig is sold with another wig that appears to resemble the blonde wig platinum blonde wig is sold in the single wig pack.

Main colour(s)

The main colour of the wig is brunette (brown) fibres, with some dark pink highlights.

Style of wig

The wig has short bangs over the forehead. The hair is straight. The length of the hair extends about 12 cm past the wig cap.  

Graphics on the backing card

This wig is on the right side of the pack; there is a doll (possibly Sophie) holding the labrador puppy pictured on the front of the pack.

Similar wigs

A similar wig in terms of this colour combinations is the Brunette with pink highlights.

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