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Sophie and her puppy.

Wave 2

The puppies.

Each of the four orginal characters - Sophie, Alexis, Daniela and Katie - have a puppy. The puppies are sometimes referred to as dogs. The puppies have clothes and accessories available as part of other packs. Hayden has an unnamed dog in the Adoption Centre where she works.

The breeds

Each puppy is a different breed. Sophie has a Shih Tzu puppy named Frizzy. Alexis has a bichon frisé puppy named Lacey. Daniela has a golden Labrador puppy named DJ. Katie has a border collie puppy named Sk8. The puppy in the Adoption Centre is not given a breed but appears to be a Daschund-type dog.

The clothing

The puppies have clothing to match the doll owner in the wave with puppies.

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