Liv n Wild kerchief dress

The hankiechef dress (Liv n' Wild) in orange and white.

The girl dolls had numerous outfits released that included shoes, coats, jewelry and handbags.

The clothing was released with a tag line such as "Liv 'n Wild" and normally has a white plastic mannequin wearing the outfit with a doll in the outfit and pictured on the front of the backing card.  The graphics on the back of the backing card normally feature a few outfits taken of the group of dolls in the same release.

The following line of outfits have been seen:
Coats the gang

The Liv dolls in the coats: Sophie (camo), Hayden (trench), Katie (parka), Alexis (pea coat) and Daniela (motocycle).

Liv for hair
Liv 'n comfy
Liv 'n cool
Liv 'n cosy
Liv 'n fab
Liv 'n fit
Liv 'n hip
Liv 'n posh
Liv 'n rock
Liv 'n wild
Movie night
Night out
Others (includes Eco Outfit and Sail Away)

The boy doll Jake had few outfits released - only three have been seen - the Lifeguard pack has a vest and accessories, the Night out pack has a grey top and red pants and a Date night has a blue long sleeved shirt and blue pants that could be denims.

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