Packs refer to the Liv branded goods that normally exclude a doll, wig or clothes or where these items are not the main item.  Other doll fandom sites termed these packs playsets. 

The playsets sold for the Liv dolls included large size multi-doll packs such as the It's My Nature (or campfire) giftset and in the same range the doll and horse giftsets - Katie & Walnut and Hayden & Clover.  Other large size playsets are the scooter, the boutique (clothing shop), the boutique window, the pet adoption centre and the spa playset.  The Liv styling dolls (without the body) are also large size playsets - and the Sophie Styling Head and wigs sold separately are described on this site.

Medium sized playsets include the Lifeguard pack (that includes a t-shirt for Jake), a BBQ time pack that has an apron for Katie.  Small packs such as the breakfast time set and movie party set were also sold.

There have been three house type playsets - Hayden & House, Maple Lodge and the fold up bedroom set.

The sporting packs include the kayak and windsurfer & paddle board.

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