Liv hole in head Sophie

The wig hole on the back of the girl doll's head.

The biggest selling point of the Liv (girl) fashion dolls is that they have removable wigs and a painted hairstyle on the head for when the wig is removed.

These dolls are really versatile in that a wigs of different color can be used to give a totally different looking doll.  Numerous wigs have been sold by the official Liv manufacturer and there are many other wigs that can be used, purchased or bought from other suppliers.

The doll were sold with the catch phrase "150+ poses". The fact that there are probably "150 and more" looks achieved from the four dolls and all the wigs, (4 dolls x 40 wigs) giving at least 160 looks and not including all the wigs, means that this was undermarketed.

Other excellent features of the dolls (in some waves or releases) are that she has a belly button, cute toes and her foot can be flat or placed in a heeled shoe.  The doll has a larger head than other fashion dolls, however, this attracts a lot of admirers.  The eyes are also considered to be a good selling point of this doll.

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