The upper covering of the doll is described on this page with examples.

Type of bodice

This is used to describe the dress - e.g. sweet heart neckline, boob-tube top, halter neck top.

Style of coats

Long such as the turquoise trench coat, short such as the motorcycle jacket.

Length of the sleeves

Full length indicates to the wrist, ¾ lengths past the elbow and short indicates stops before the elbow.

Types of sleeves

Various types of sleeves:

  • Sleeveless – no sleeves due to a boob-tube (turquoise tie dyed top), halter neck (candy striped) or sleeveless pattern (Liv ‘n Wild dress).
  • Cap sleeves – very short sleeves that cover a bit of the shoulder.
  • Puffy sleeves – gathered sleeve on the bodice.

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