The Liv dolls featured with this playset (pack) is HaydenHayden wears a floral dress and possibly pink flat pumps.

The graphic shows Sophie is kneeling on the bed while fixing Daniela's hair.

The doll appears to be taller than the house, however, this would be solved by making a kickboard for the house and raising the house 2.54 cm  (or 1").

Contents of the pack

The pack has the following items: 1 Hayden doll wearing a floral dress, 1 house frame with three panels - a bedroom, a kitchen and a front door scene.  There is a bed with a duvet cover and the kitchen has ten accessories - a muffin tray, jug, pan, plate, cup and others are not visible.

Colour scheme (based on graphics)

The frame of the house is white. The bedroom has a green wall and blue dresser with white trim.  The kitchen has a green and white wall, pink curtains, a turquoise fridge and oven and white washer.  The fridge, oven and washer may have doors that really open.

The bed has a black headboard and the duvet or cover has a pink patchwork design.

Other items that could be added to this set are described in houses, rooms & lodges.

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