The following page is manually updated to reflect pages and pictures that are required (in no particular order):

1. Secret diaries - pages for Alexis, Daniela, Katie and Hayden are required (any template can be used).  The page for Sophie has been started but needs content.

2. Content about the webisodes (feel free to design a template and replace the current one).

3. Information on other characters from the webisodes and diaries.  Only Miles is listed but with minimal info.

4. Pages for each puppy - there is a page for Lacey but it was written by someone who has not held Lacey.

5. Pictures of the McDonald's Liv toys - there is no picture on the site yet!

6. Pictures of some of the Liv doll wigs - many are missing - especially the green wig.

7. Descriptions of the dressed dolls on new pages - there is a list of dolls, but no descriptions and each doll does not have her own page.

8. The "Skirts & dresses" category needs to be removed and the items placed in the "Skirts" or "Dresses" category - but these items have not been seen, so if you own an outfit in this category, decide which it is and move it to the right category.  (Remove the old category tag).  When "Skirts & dresses" category is empty it will be deleted to make way for the "Spectacles" category.

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