Jake blue eyed in yellow tee

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Name of dog:


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Not known


Rooted hair


Jake in his Making Waves outfit.

Jake is the only boy Liv doll and was only released with the Making Waves set.

Jake’s coloring is brown rooted hair, dark blue eyes and medium skin.

Jake is a lifeguard at the lake (source: Sophie's diary) and he is sold with sunglasses. He is pictured with a lifeguard chair but this was never sold.  As the Liv girls kayak and windsurf, Jake may use his lifeguarding skills.  It is stated that all the girl dolls think he is cute.  He dates one of the Liv dolls according to the diaries.

Jake does not have any pets.

Jake has his original outfit (red vest and plaid shorts), a lifeguards yellow vest outfit and a blue shirt with pants as a night out set.  He also has a red long stemmed rose with his night out set and could be considered romantic. Jake also has the Night Out outfit that consists of a gray shirt and red pants.

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Left to right: Katie, Daniela, Sophie, Hayden, Alexis, Jake in his other outfit seen on Flickr.

Jake has his activities described on a separate page.

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