Tracksuit outfit

The jogging outfit.

The Jogging outfit retail cost was not available. This outfit has not been seen for sale in the secondary market.

This outfit is part of the 'Liv 'n Fit' range of clothing.


A bright orange top is pictured. An outer tracksuit top in a gray colour with orange hearts is pictured.  The outer top has long sleeves.


A pair of dark blue shorts with white trim and having the number '23' (on the front left panel) is pictured. 

The doll is wearing horizontally striped leg warmers that cover her ankles to below her knees.


The shoes appear to be mauve in colour.


A pink coloured tog bag with black trim is visible.


A dark blue scarf is wrapped aroung the doll's upper body.

Doll wearing the outfit

The doll featured on the front of the backing card has blonde hair and appears to be Daniela

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