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After school activitiesAlexisAlexis School's Out doll
Auburn & light highlightsAuburn wigAuburn with side pony
BBQ TimeBicycleBlack wig
Black with dark blue highlightsBlack with dark pink highlightsBlonde & pink ombre wig
Blonde & pink styling head and wigBlonde with brown highlightsBlonde with caramel highlights
Blonde with twists on topBlue & black crimped wigBlue & blonde
Blue bubble hemmed dressBoutique Window DisplayBowling night
Breakfast timeBright blue wigBrites
Brown with bangsBrown with purple highlightsBrunette & blonde styling head wig
Brunette & purple styling head & wigBrunette with a braidBrunette with bangs and dark pink highlights
Brunette with long blonde bangsBrunette with pink highlightsBrunette with side parting
Brushes for the wigsButterfliesCabana
Camo jacketCandy striped top & denim skirtCaramel with a fringe
CloverCollar & neckline descriptionsCotton candy colours
Cowgirl outfitCurly auburnCurly pink wig
Daily posesDanielaDate Night outfit - Alexis
Date Night outfit - JakeDescription of the tops, coats and bodicesDolls in the blonde with brown highlights wig
Dolls without a wigDrum setEco outfit
Fashion accessoriesFirst WaveFlimsy top & pants
Girls GetawayGreen wigGuitar top & striped skirt outfit
HaydenHayden's riding OutfitHayden & Clover
Hayden & HouseHayden Making Waves dollHooded pea coat
Horse and horse playsetsHouses, rooms & lodgesIndoor activities
It's My Nature Gift SetItems soughtIt’s my Nature
Jacket, scarf & pantsJakeJake's activities
JaredJogging outfitKatie
Katie's riding OutfitKatie's shorts outfitKatie & Walnut
Katie First Wave dollKayakLIV DOLLS FOREVER Wiki
LaceyLavender & PinkLength of wigs
LifeguardLine print dressLine print dress with denims
List of dollsList of outfitsLiv 'n Glitz dress
Liv 'n Wild DressLiv 'n Wild Top & SkirtLiv doll articulation
Liv for colorLiv in WonderlandLiv wig mechanism
Long blonde wigLong pink wigMaking Waves
Maple LodgeMauve dress & fluffy white shrugMauve styling head wig
McDonald's Liv toysMilesMoonlight Dance
Motorcycle jacketMottoMovie Night outfit
Movie PartyMy RoomNight Out clothes for Jake
Night Out outfit - HaydenNutmegOrange parka
Outdoor activitiesPaper DollsParty outfit
Peach coloured top and jeansPink & blonde with ornamentPink & lavender
Pink and blackPink styling head wigPink with a fringe
Platinum blonde wigPlatinum blonde with bangsPlatinum blonde with blue highlights
Platinum blonde with hidden pale blue streaksPossibilities BoutiquePunk outfit
Puppies with dollsPurple top, skirt & leggingsPurple tunic outfit
Purple v-neck top & pantsPurple with bangsPyjamas with the pink gown
QuestionsRain gearRed & grey striped top with pale denim pants
Red jacket & denimsRequirements to be an Admin at Liv Dolls wikiRiding outfit
Rock Concert OutfitRoller skatesRules
STEMSafety and age restrictionsSail Away outfit
School's OutSchool's Out Pet Adoption CenterScooter with/out Sophie
ShoesShorts set with cool graphicSilver top & blue pin striped pants
Silver tunic & pink leggingsSkirt descriptionsSleepover sets
Slumber partySophieSophie's Twist & Dance wig
Sophie's purse outfitSophie's secret diarySophie Brites doll
Sophie Girls Getaway dollSophie Moonlight Dance dollSophie Moonlight Dance wig
Sophie Styling HeadSophie Twist & Dance wigSophie doll & Frizzy
Spa MakeoverSpa PlaysetSpectacles
Sporting activitiesStriped top with floral skirtStyling heads
Summer Vacation outfitSweet DreamsSweet Dreams playset
Table of Liv wigsTech timeTennis outfit
TerminologyTracksuit outfitTravel Accessories
Turquoise dress & blue shoesTurquoise tie dyed dress & pantsTurquoise trench coat
Twist & DanceUnion Jack dressVery long blonde wig
Very long brunetteWalnutWarrier weekend wear
Webisode 1Webisode 10Webisode 11
Webisode 11 to 20Webisode 12Webisode 13
Webisode 14Webisode 15Webisode 16
Webisode 17Webisode 18Webisode 19
Webisode 1 to 10Webisode 2Webisode 20
Webisode 21Webisode 21 to 30Webisode 22
Webisode 23Webisode 24Webisode 25
Webisode 26Webisode 27Webisode 28
Webisode 29Webisode 3Webisode 30
Webisode 31Webisode 31 to 32Webisode 32
Webisode 4Webisode 5Webisode 6
Webisode 7Webisode 8Webisode 9
Wig playset: Deluxe Liv 'n BrightWig playset: Deluxe Liv 'n FastWig playset: Deluxe Liv 'n Rock
Wig sizesWigsWindsurfer & paddle board
Yellow blonde
File:$(KGrHqN,!mEFIrIiVd8RBSO2vcoN w--60 57.jpgFile:$T2eC16ZHJIIE9qTYLSdRBRwJkKsUdg--60 12.jpgFile:$ 12.jpg
File:$ 57 (1).jpgFile:$ 57 (10).jpgFile:172341 186820541360245 146387935403506 413045 5421393 o.jpg
File:2010 LIV dolls w dogs commercial(HQ)File:202916 liv alexis la fashion.jpgFile:3 pack striped skirt red jacket light jacket.jpg
File:4224137479 d54fdd586a.jpgFile:4239777310 835305459d m.jpgFile:5305127615 af494904c5.jpg
File:5354740648 45fe51c65c z.jpgFile:6014658-2011-0004-A.jpgFile:6015504-2011-0002.jpg
File:6582669361 083af1f7e5 z.jpgFile:811fcmW9MyL. SY355 .jpgFile:Alexis Lavender n pink graphic oncard.jpg
File:Alexis at work.jpgFile:Alexis brunette with bangs wig card.jpgFile:Alexis wearing purple with bangs wig.JPG
File:Avatar.pngFile:B0024VNT8S-1-lg.jpgFile:Backview PinknLavender better.JPG
File:Backview PinknLavender wig.JPGFile:Beach time.jpgFile:Blonde wig graphic.jpg
File:Blonde wig graphic cropped.jpgFile:Blonde with brown in pack wig crop.jpgFile:Blue & blonde graphic.jpg
File:Blue & blonde graphiccropped.jpgFile:Blue & blonde wig.jpgFile:Brunette with braids.jpg
File:Brunette with long blonde bangs.jpgFile:Brush.jpgFile:Camo jacket.jpg
File:Candy striped top & denim skirt.jpgFile:Coats the gang.jpgFile:Daniela-pink n black wig card.jpg
File:Daniela IMN blonde wig.jpgFile:Daniela VL brunette pic on card.jpgFile:Daniela blonde and brown.jpg
File:Daniela nature blonde.jpgFile:Daniela twist and dance pink.jpgFile:Daniela twist brown.jpg
File:Daniela twist pink.jpgFile:Daniela twist wigless.jpgFile:Daniela twist wigless star.jpg
File:Daniela very long brunette wig.jpgFile:Daniela wearing purplw with bangs wig.JPGFile:Daniela wigless.jpg
File:Date night outfit - Alexis.jpgFile:Deluxe wig set - blonde and brunette.pngFile:Deluxe wig set brunette and pink with a fringe.png
File:Deluxe wig set caramel and blue wigs.jpgFile:Doll green eyes in tennis outfit auburn wig.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:Favicon.icoFile:Forum new.gifFile:Graphic auburn side-tennis cropped.jpg
File:Graphic brown.jpgFile:Hayden Waves back graphic.jpgFile:Hayden eyes Making Waves.jpg
File:Hayden in yellow blonde wig card.jpgFile:Hooded pea coat.jpgFile:Image.jpg
File:Images-8.jpegFile:Img-thing.jpgFile:Jake at the beach with Katie Sophie.jpg
File:Jake blue eyed in yellow tee.jpgFile:Jake lifeguard tee.jpgFile:Katie & walnut.jpg
File:Katie on the lake.jpgFile:Lavendar & pink wig halfsize.jpgFile:Lavendar & pink wig halfsize 2.jpg
File:Lifeguard set.jpgFile:Lifeguard set in packaging.jpgFile:Line print dress with denims.jpg
File:Liv-Sweet-Dreams-Outfit.jpgFile:Liv-after-school-cool-daniela- 156.jpgFile:Liv-hayden-in-wonderland-muneca-articulada-30-cm-t-barbie MLA-O-145301217 6323.jpg
File:Liv-hayden-night-out.jpegFile:LivSpa2.jpgFile:Liv 25 mm foot cropped.jpg
File:Liv Face looking down Sophie.jpgFile:Liv Face no wig Sophie.jpgFile:Liv and Alexis.jpg
File:Liv ankle joints.jpgFile:Liv hands.jpgFile:Liv high heels cropped.jpg
File:Liv hole in head Sophie.jpgFile:Liv n Wild kerchief dress.jpgFile:Liv shoulder and elbow joint.jpg
File:Liv waist and leg joint side view.jpgFile:Liv wig 5half inchescropped.jpgFile:Livv.jpg
File:Long pink wig.pngFile:MW Hayden n Daniela.jpgFile:Motocycle jacket.jpg
File:Night out clothes for Jake.jpgFile:Photo on 7-6-12 at 12.27 PM.jpgFile:Pink & black graphic.jpg
File:Pink & black wig.jpgFile:Pink & lavender wig.pngFile:Pink and blonde wig hair ornament.jpg
File:Pink blonde twist wig.jpgFile:PinknLavender2.JPGFile:PinknLavender wig 3.JPG
File:PinknLavender wig no ruler.JPGFile:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.png
File:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.pngFile:Platinum blonde with blue and brown wig.jpg
File:Purple wig with bangs.jpgFile:Rain gear.jpgFile:Randomness l Episoide 1 l 'CHANDELIER' (EAH STOPMOTION)
File:Rock concert outfit turquoise dress.jpgFile:Salon wigs.pngFile:Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 2.21.02 PM.png
File:Screenshot 560.jpgFile:Sophie's purse outfit.jpgFile:SophieMoonlightDance.png
File:Sophie Its My Nature.jpgFile:Sophie Its My Nature wig back.jpgFile:Sophie T&D.jpg
File:Sophie T&D blonde.jpgFile:Sophie T&D glasses.jpgFile:Sophie T&D in pack.jpg
File:Sophie T&D wig blonde.jpgFile:Sophie T&D wig pink.jpgFile:Sophie and purse outfit.jpg
File:Sophie ash blonde wig.jpgFile:Sophie brown.jpgFile:Sophie brown and blonde.jpg
File:Sophie in blue and blonde wig card.jpgFile:Sophie in trench blonde n brown wig.jpgFile:Sophie in wig.JPG
File:Sophie nature wigless.jpgFile:Sophie purple with bangs wig.JPGFile:Sophie tnd in wig bb.jpg
File:Sophie tnd in wig bb up.jpgFile:Sophie twist and dance pink shoes.jpgFile:Sophie twist blonde with brown.jpg
File:Sophie twist brown.jpgFile:Sophie twist nature blonde.jpgFile:Sophie twist pink.jpg
File:Sophie twist pink 2.jpgFile:Sophie twist wigless.jpgFile:Spinmaster livcolorchangedolls.jpg
File:T&D Sophie on pack.jpgFile:T&D all dolls on pack.jpgFile:The gang Schools Out.jpg
File:Three dolls Making Waves.jpgFile:Tracksuit outfit.jpgFile:Trench coat.jpg
File:Trench coat graphic.jpgFile:Two wigs pinkblonde and blonde.jpgFile:Two wigs pinkblonde and blonde small.jpg
File:Union jack dress guitar top & skirt line print dress wig boots.jpgFile:Untitled.jpgFile:Untitled.png
File:VL Brunette tophallf wig.jpgFile:VL Brunettewig.jpgFile:VL blonde hairstyle ideas.jpg
File:VL brunette length in mm.jpgFile:VL brunette styles.jpgFile:VL brunettelengthin inches6.jpg
File:Various wigs.JPGFile:Wave 2.jpgFile:Wig102 paint cropped.jpg
File:Wig 101 paint cropped.jpgFile:Wig 103 paint cropped.jpgFile:Wig 104 paint cropped.jpg
File:Wig 105 paint cropped.jpgFile:Wig 106 crop.jpgFile:Wig 107 crop.jpg
File:Wig 109 crop.jpgFile:Wig 110 crop.jpgFile:Wig 112 crop.jpg
File:Wig 113 crop.jpgFile:Wig 114 crop.jpgFile:Wig 116 crop.jpg
File:Wig 117 and cropped.jpgFile:Wig 118 crop.jpgFile:Wig 120 and crop.jpg
File:Wig 121 and crop.jpgFile:Wig 122 crop.jpgFile:Wig 124 crop.jpg
File:Wig 126crop.jpgFile:Wig 127 crop.jpgFile:Wig 128 crop.jpg
File:Wig auburn side.jpgFile:Wig brown.jpgFile:Wig purple with bangs.JPG
File:Wig with black & blue crimped hair.pngFile:Wig with twisted ponies.pngFile:Wiki-background
File:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Wiki navigation.pngFile:Window display paper doll.jpg