McDonald's had eight Liv dolls or styling heads available.

The Liv doll toys

Each of the five girl Liv dolls were available in a 5" toy sized model - Sophie, Alexis, Daniela, Katie and Hayden.

The Liv styling heads

The three main characters - Sophie, Alexis and Daniela - were available in 3.5" toy sized styling heads.

The table of the toys

The eight toys were numbered #1 to #8 as in the table below.

No. Doll Doll or styling head Hair colour Clothes colour
#1 Hayden Doll  Blonde Yellow top
#2 Sophie Doll Platinum blonde Blue top
#3 Sophie Styling head Platinum blonde Pale pink
#4 Alexis Doll Curly brown Pink jacket
#5 Alexis Styling head Curly brown Blue top
#6 Daniela Doll Black Blue top
#7 Katie Doll Brown plaits Dark yellow top
#8 Daniela Styling head Black Pink top

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