This is a guide for requirements to become a Liv Doll wiki Admin - everything can be changed if a valid reason is given.

How to become an Administrator

We accept that not everyone has a Wikia history and so cannot offer this as motivation.

I say this as I read this wiki and then before long had started adding content, became an Admin and then also requested a name change for the wiki. I had never ever done any work on wikis before this. So it can happen and my background is not in programming or graphics manipulation.

If you have a record of other Wiki activity

If you have a good record on another wiki – let this Admin know and include the following information:

1. Which other site(s) are you active on,

2. What role do you play, have you asked for higher role(s) (if possible),

3. How long have you been active, have you had a break,

4. Which time zone are you in,

5. How many hours a week would you give at a minimum,

6. Your user name must be valid, descriptive and neutral,

7. What is your connection to Liv dolls, e.g. child owns a few, collector, retailer, etc.

8. When did you first contact this sites Admin – was this in a mature manner,

9. Have you ever been banned on a wiki site and if yes, why.

10. Advise your level of programming, scripting, templating, javascripts and bots.

Things to do if you have no other Wiki history

 If you have no history on wikis or this site, it would be best to do the following before asking for Admin rights:

         a. obtain at least four of the following badges: Welcome to the Wiki, Making your Mark, Illustrator, Explorer, Two Weeks on the Wiki,  Introduction or Explorer.

         b. Start at least 5 new pages/templates/graphics* using the site format, there is no need to complete the pages.  *Can be loosely translated to mean items – e.g. if graphics is your speciality and you wish to fix the graphics, then take and upload 5 photos and advise the admin.  As everyone has a different speciality – you merely have to show that you are trying.

         c. Ensure that each page added uses a valid format and includes at least one link, one category, only canon content and is written in your best English.  As not every fan has English as a first language, the Admin will allow mistakes.  If adding graphics – ensure they follow the Wikia guidelines and rules. 

         d. Provide evidence that you have been active for at least 3 months on the site using your present user name.

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