The Liv dolls mostly focus on fashion and sproting activities, however, there is a weak link to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, though it is 'hidden'


The use of butterflies as an icon or symbol, can be associated with nature, the environment and botany.  Hayden is the character that tries to interest the other girl dolls in their outside environment.


Hayden works at the Pet Adoption Centre and cares for mammals such as a dog, cat, rabbit and guinea pig - there is a small link to zoology and veterinary science.

Food technology

The Liv dolls prepare food in the lodge or house and there could be a small link to food technology.

Fabric technology

The Liv dolls use different fabrics to design an outfit, indicating that they understand the technology behind what makes a fabric soft to the technology of printing on fabrics.

Colour/Color technology

The Liv dolls have a spa for painting fingernails and changing hair colour.  Both these activities use colour technology.  The selection of fashions and accessories also use colour as a criteria for success.  The selection of a wig also uses a knowledge of colour space (even if you are not aware you use it).


The use of the outdoor activities such as the bicycle ramp and the skateboards uses physics for completion of safe jumps and stunts.


The use of maths is encouraged as Alexis works in the Possibilities Boutique and would require arithmetic to guide her when accepting payments.  There has been no official "Maths is fun" or similar tee-shirt for these dolls. 

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