Liv high heels cropped

Liv doll wearing black strappy high-heeled sandals.


The shoes sold with the dolls will be detailed on this page.

Heel heights

There were various heel heights on shoes sold with the Liv dolls. The wearing of high heels on the dolls is to be cautioned as posture changes and bone changes could cause foot pain in later years.

  • Barefoot – the candy striped top with pants has no shoes on the model when sold in the two pack outfit. The beach wave dolls were sold barefoot.
  • Flats – sandals (yellow) or pumps (gold).
  • Low heeled
  • Mid heeled – the red shoes sold in the 3 pack outfit with the silver tunic & pink leggings.  The white sandals sold as part of the Alexis After School outfit have a medium high heel of 11 mm.   The orange gladiator type sandals sold as part of the Liv 'n Wild dress have a heel of 12 mm high.
  • High heeled – date night outfit - Alexis has a pair of red high heeled sandals. The black sandals shoes sold as part of the rock concert outfit have a 16 mm high heel. The pink shoes sold with Sophie Twist & Dance have an 18 mm heel.
    Sophie twist and dance pink shoes

    Sophie Twist & Dance pink shoes.

Style of the shoes

There are numerous styles of shoes - sporting, dance, casual and formal wear shoes.

The shoes styles will be listed with examples.

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