The Sophie doll & Frizzy toy dog are descibed here.


The doll is sold wearing a curly blonde wig with a few mauve highlights in the centre parting (to be linked to shortly).


A mauve coloured top having an off the shoulder style.

Leggings & shorts

The doll wears denim shorts with 3/4 length purple leggings.


The doll is wearing gold coloured sandals that appear to have no heel.


An orange (or leather) coloured handbag with a gold coloured strap is worn by the doll.


Sophie wears gold earrings and there appears to be a few gold plastic bracelets in the pack.

The dog (Frizzy)

The dog is brown and white.  The dog wears a purple outfit.


A grey hairbrush (for the doll) and a purple hairbrush for the dog are included. A pair of spectacles is included in the pack.

Doll wearing the outfit

The doll wearing the outfit is Sophie (blue coloured eyes).