The Summer Vacation outfit was sold in the US at some large retailers and is pictured on the official Liv doll site.


Pale pink jersey cloth with a printed front bodice having four words capatalised  in white ink - two words are 'LOVE' and 'AMOUR'. The sleeves are long and plain pink.  The top appears to have a round neck.


A pale blue denim skirt that is above knee length is pictured. The skirt could velcro closed in the back.  There is a brown belt pictured on the doll.


High heeled, medium pink, strappy open toed sandals and made from flexible plastic.


A rigid black plastic suitcase with a pattern of red lines on the one side is pictured on the Liv site, however, the pack sold had a pink trimmed suitcase with black fill in and a white handle.  The suitcase may be on wheels and may open.


A brown plastic necklace is pictured on the model.

Doll wearing the outfit

The doll featured on the front of the backing card could be Daniela.