There are various terms surrounding doll collecting and fans of dolls.  This page is a start of gathering terms relevant to this site - it does not include everything - but has a few links to well described and relevant terms.


This site will be for facts - either gained from the packaging, the webisodes or the website.  For your own fun stories, either keep them to your blog or start a new Liv doll custom site.

For further reading of the term "canon" take a look at this site: (remember this site is for Ever After High dolls)

Further terminology

An excellent explanation of how dolls are sold to the toy stores is available on the following link (also Ever After High doll site) , there are also some terms that would be useful to know.

As an example of how the store received the Liv dolls, and using the above link, here is a Liv doll explanation.  Let's assume 8 dolls were packed in a shipper (box) for the Making Waves release - there may have been 2 Sophie dolls, 2 Alexis dolls, 1 Daniela doll, 1 Katie doll, 1 Hayden doll and 1 Jake doll.  If the Sophie dolls are not sold (i.e. they become shelfwarmers) then the store could order the next 8 dolls only after these two are sold - this would differ depending on the store size and the holidays.

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