Trench coat

The turquoise trench coat in the packaging.

Sophie in trench blonde n brown wig

Sophie wearing the trench coat.

The trench coat is one of five coats sold separately.  It comes with pink & white striped fingerless gloves. The doll on the backing card appears to be Hayden in a blonde wig with side plaits.

The coat is named 'coat/manteau' by the manufacturer and the name of turquoise trench coat was from the site.

Main colour(s)

The main colour of the trench coat is turqouise and there are small white buttons sewn on the front.  The backing card shows a single white button on each sleeve, however, the actual item does not have these.

The fingerless gloves are in a bright pink and white striped fabric.


The trench coat appears to be made from a lightweight cotton.

The gloves are made from a slightly stretchy fabric.

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