Deluxe wig set caramel and blue wigs

The bright blue wig on the right as sold in the two wig pack with accessories.

This deluxe wig playset is one of a few sold with two wigs, accessories for the dolls and one accessory for a dog.

This deluxe set had '7 rad pieces plus an accessory for your dog' in the set namely: 2 wigs, a handbag, a scarf, a set of sunglasses, a necklace, a pair of sandals and a bowl for feeding the dog.


caramel wig with a fringe (on the left) and a bright blue wig (on the right) are included in the deluxe playset.


A rigid pink plastic handbag without the ability to store items.


A striped pink and white scarf for the doll.


The sunglasses have yellow and blue frames.


A blue necklace with a pink or purple charm.


A pair of yellow sandals without a heel.

Dog accessory

A green food bowl for feeding the dog or puppy.

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